Ian McKenzie

• About me

Hi! My name's Ian. I'm currently doing an internship with Ethan Perez through FAR (Fund for Alignment Research). From October 2021 to January 2022, I was a software engineering internship at Ought. Before that, I did an MSc Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh. Even more before that, I graduated from the University of St Andrews with an MPhys Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (an integrated master's degree).

I made the switch to AI because I became interested in Effective Altruism about two years ago and came to the conclusion that working to ensure that future AI is safe and beneficial for everyone is the most valuable thing I could do. It's also a fascinating field of study for its own sake, as I've learnt over the course of the MSc and some self-study I did the summer before. I've written the general shape of that study here.

I'm very open to talking to people -- if you want to give me advice, or have me give you advice, or just generally discuss EA/alignment, email me! (ianmck98@gmail.com)

• What I've done

Even before discovering that AI research was what I wanted to do, I'd been working my way towards programming as my main interest. It started with a simple programming assignment in a maths module, followed by some small Javascript projects done in my spare time. I found it so engaging and fun that I started judging my module choices by how much coding they'd let me do.

Below is a selection of things that I've done, which will be updated as I find time to write about them (i.e. rarely). Technically this website is an example of a project I've worked on, but graphic design is not one of my core competencies, as evidenced by the upcoming buttons: